What we do

The company, in close association with leading industry experts and influencers, design learning solutions that are essentially aimed at preparing clients to keep abreast with latest tools and excel at their respective fields.

We also regularly host corporate events, conferences and B2B meetings on informative platforms, both onsite and virtual format.

Certified Reliability Course (Exam Prep)

A valid Certification on Reliability from a global institute raises your bar and knowledge about the subject, allowing you to pursue better job roles and responsibilities.

Certified Quality Course (Exam Prep)

Validate your commitment to quality, increase your organization’s performance, prepare yourself to become a quality-focused professional

Certified Safety Course (Exam Prep)

Obtain one of the top ranked, internationally-accredited certifications in safety; become an accomplished safety professional and stay ahead of the rest.

Certified Industrial IoT Program (Exam Prep)

Industrial IoT is set to dominate the tech-savvy workforce. Dive into one of the very few leading accredited trainings on the subject with experienced trainers.

Competency Learning and Management

Sharpen your competency skills with interactive instructor-led courses. Reach out to us in case you would like to build and implement a custom competency framework software for your organization.

Advanced Risk Management PRofessional (ARMP)

The ARMP or Advanced Risk Management Professional is a certification designed based on ISO 31000 Risk Management International Standard, the Basel Accords and the COSO framework. 

Certified Energy Risk Professional (CENRMP)

CENRMP challenges candidates to understand and apply a wide range of knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage energy risk. 

Certified Safety Risk Management Professional (CSRMP)
Safety risk management is a key component of a successful safety management system which is required to assess the risks associated with identified hazards, and to develop and implement effective mitigations.  

Certified Compliance and Regulatory Professional (CCARP)

The CCARP certification is designed to provide effective knowledge in various compliance and regulatory procedures, particularly the intricacies of compliance risk management, the development and drafting of internal compliance policies and procedures and strategies for compliance in various industries. 

Certified Cybersecurity Professional (CCSP)

The certification covers strategies, frameworks, methodologies, and tools to manage cybersecurity risks, identify various types of common threats, design and operate secure computing and networking environments, assess and audit the organization’s security, collect, and analyze cybersecurity intelligence, and handle incidents as they occur. 

Virtual events

Qatar Electric Vehicle Conference

Concluded event. As decarbonization of the transport sector is gaining momentum with global governments and regulatory bodies focusing on stringent emission standards, electric vehicles are rapidly establishing their broader presence not only as the future of mobility, but also as an energy efficient means of transport along with reduced carbon footprints that paves way for a sustainable growth model.

Maritime Cyber Security

Concluded event. How has cyber threat and security landscape evolved in the maritime industry? How does it impact its operations? What strategies works best to defend the critical infrastructure? Join the live conversation by global experts!

Sustainability Drive

Concluded event. Exclusive, focused online platform for connecting with global peers for understanding sustainable practices, promoting a sustainable culture and familiarizing with innovative solutions that help businesses to achieve sustainability goals.

Effective Maintenance and Reliability

Concluded event. 2400+ registrations. 65+ countries. Dedicated event for maintenance, reliability & asset management professionals. Contact us for post show report or details about next edition.

Reach out to know about our upcoming events.

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