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Maritime Cyber Security 2021: June 15-17

Bringing military deception back into cyber defense by Robert Black
Key strategies to implement a robust maritime cybersecurity programme by Koh Chin Yong
The executive cyber risk view point in the maritime cyber landscape by Ian Yip
Securing navigation (PNT) systems by Dean Mikkelsen
Cyber secure by design: building cyber safety and cyber security into ships by Thierry Coq
Enhancing operational resilience by Rebecca McKeown and Dr. David Reindorp
Type of threats impacting maritime systems by Kristian Bishcoff
Tomorrow’s security operations by Mark McIntyre and Joe DiPietro
GNSS/AIS Spoofing: Issues in maritime cybersecurity by Gary C. Kessler
Dynamic defences and deception by Dr. Xavier Bellekens

Sustainability Drive 2021: May 5-6

Sustainability on Demand/ Waste Minimization by ERA-EHS
Risk informed decision making process for corporate sustainable development by Dr. Emmanuel Moore Abolo
3D printing schools by TEDx Speaker Maggie Grout
How to organize your firm to deliver sustainable business by Dan Oakey
How to regulate sustainability by Ashwin Narayanan
Sustainable development framework by Derek Wilson
Green buildings as drivers of sustainable living by Mili Majumdar
Managing your impact and contribution to SDGs by Dr. Philipp B. Schuster
Empowering sustainability professionals around the world by Gina Macilwraith

Effective Maintenance and Reliability 2021: Feb 16, 24

Digital transformation = Maximizing ROI on RCA by Bob Latino
Defining a strategy for maintenance Digital Transformation by Prof. Adolfo Crespo Marquez
Why do maintenance departments become reactive by William Jacobyansky
Battle for Reliability by Joel Levitt
Maintenance and reliability: linking to business excellence by Krishnan Shrikanth
Reinventing the reliability pyramid by Simon Murray
The role of a reliability engineer by Dr. Joseph DeSimone
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